A Rap About My Life! (With English Translation)

Hi all, long time no see! Hope everything is well with you!

I am sorry about my long absence… a lot have been happening in my rakugo journey… I will have to catch up in another article about my latest projects soon!

I have just realised that I have not introduced the rap song that my Japanese rapper friend, Kotaro Akiyama, kindly composed for me a while ago.

It’s really catchy, and a lot of thoughts must’ve gone into this project. I am very moved that he gave me this one of the most thoughtful gifts ever in my life! Thank you so very much Akiyama-san!!!

Some of my English-speaking friends have asked me for the English translation of the lyrics, so I will give you rough translation below next to the Japanese lyrics.

Sorry it will be a bit of a Japanglish!

Rakugo Life

Access to the audience’s imagination
This process is not always a success story
English Rakugo born in NZ, check out Kanariya Eishi
Fell in love with rakugo at the age of 10
The ordinary and the poor are on the centre stage
Silly episodes with loose screws
Adorable crazy characters

Crazy and adorable
Because I’m crazy!
S, s, screw, s, s, s, screw
Folks missing a screw or two unfold
Chaotic tales with punchlines

Jugemu jugemu gokouno surikire
Kaijari suigyono suigyoumatsu unraimatsu furaimatsu
Journey to the world of rakugo through shelves-full of
Cassette tapes from Oiso Library

Devoured hundreds of tales
The boy who dreamed of becoming a storyteller
Found himself being a stand-up comedian in America
Fell in love with his partner, a major turn
Tied the knot, to the southern hemisphere, New Zealand
Life is unpredictable, unforeseen plot
How you end your story is up to you
Time goes, scenery changes
Ain’t let go of the torch of passion
Ignite the fuse with sparks
Back to the world of rakugo again

Ecstasy in the rakugo universe 
Now share rakugo with pupils
Stage name gifted by Master Eiraku
Kanariya, yeah, extremely dangerous!
Check it out! Kanariya Eishi


英語落語NZ産 鹿鳴家英志チェックしときな

Because I’m crazy!
ネッネジが ネッネッネネネネジが

寿限無 寿限無 五劫のすりきれ 
海砂利水魚の水行末 雲来末
大磯町立図書館 行けば豊富にあった 
いつしかアメリカに渡りStand-up comedian
結婚後移住 南半球 NewZealand
人生は意外 想定外な展開 
着火源 落語への導火線 
火花散らし舞い戻れ Back again

無我夢中 落語の宇宙 
鹿鳴家 yeah  かなりヤベー!
Check it out !  鹿鳴家英志

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