English Rakugo Club IS Happening!!!【英語落語研究会始動!】


I’m very excited to announce that English Rakugo Club IS happening!!!

The three exclamation marks might make this sound more exciting than it actually is, but I have just booked a performing arts space for the first Rakugo Club meeting!!!

The first meeting will be in the workshop style, covering the basic of Rakugo, so you don’t want to miss the first one if you want to get involved!!!

Please let me know EARLY if you are participating. As the venue cost is covered by yours truly, I would like to cancel if there is not enough interest.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity!!!

VENUE: Kete Aronui (80 Onehunga Mall, Onehunga)

TIME: 10:30AM-2:30PM, Sunday 6 October 2019

COST: $10 koha to cover the venue hire and other expenses

Please let me know if you can’t afford the cost. Also, it is free for minors. Once community is established, I will apply for funding so you won’t have to pay.

I will eventually apply for funding so that you won’t have to pay a koha to join the meeting, but we gotta start somewhere!

If you happen to know a free venue I could use, please let me know as well.






会場 Kete Aronui (80 Onehunga Mall, Onehunga)

日時 10月6日(日) 10:30AM-2:30PM

費用: 会場費や運営費用を自己負担しておりますので$10 程の寄付を頂けると助かります。



2 Rakugo Shows Coming Up Soon!!!

Hi all, hope you are doing great!!!

My apology I am so terrible at updating this website, but I am letting you know that two rakugo shows are coming up soon!!! This is just a notice, but I promise to post something more interesting next time!!!

One is at the Auckland Zen Centre on Saturday, 31 August. I will be sharing the stage with the super talented artist (writer, musician, poet, filmmaker, and the list goes on)/ zen teacher Richard von Sturmer!!! What an honour!!! I am also interested in the Q&A session afterwards to hear how rakugo would be received by Kiwi Zen Buddhists.

The other is my main show at The Spreading Tree on Fri 13 September. As usual, I will be doing my new stories, which I hadn’t performed anywhere else!!! It is often experimental, so come enjoy watching me struggle or soar. In the past, I’d recorded a video message to myself two weeks prior to the show and showed it at the performance… I’ve also attempted improvising a rakugo story on the spot… which didn’t go very well…

Hope to see you there!!!