2 Rakugo Shows Coming Up Soon!!!

Hi all, hope you are doing great!!!

My apology I am so terrible at updating this website, but I am letting you know that two rakugo shows are coming up soon!!! This is just a notice, but I promise to post something more interesting next time!!!

One is at the Auckland Zen Centre on Saturday, 31 August. I will be sharing the stage with the super talented artist (writer, musician, poet, filmmaker, and the list goes on)/ zen teacher Richard von Sturmer!!! What an honour!!! I am also interested in the Q&A session afterwards to hear how rakugo would be received by Kiwi Zen Buddhists.

The other is my main show at The Spreading Tree on Fri 13 September. As usual, I will be doing my new stories, which I hadn’t performed anywhere else!!! It is often experimental, so come enjoy watching me struggle or soar. In the past, I’d recorded a video message to myself two weeks prior to the show and showed it at the performance… I’ve also attempted improvising a rakugo story on the spot… which didn’t go very well…

Hope to see you there!!!

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