Introducing THE English Rakugo Association!!!

I can’t believe that I haven’t written an article about this HUGE news until now, but…

THE English Rakugo Association is born!!!

It was officially registered with the Japanese government at the end of last year, but it kicked off its activities last month in March 2021.

The first event that they organised was a duo performance by Sanyutei Koseinen (三遊亭好青年), the one and only Swedish rakugo performer on earth, and Kanariya Eiraku (鹿鳴家英楽), my dear master and the founder of the association.

They run many performances, but their next big gig will be held at Edo-Tokyo Museum on 3 May to commemorate the launch of the association. This is a very special event that you don’t want to miss!!!

The tickets can be purchased here.

They usually stream their live performances, but unfortunately this particular one will not be available online i.e. I’m gutted that I will miss out on this special occasion!

I am really excited that my master’s long-term dream has come true, and it is my sincere hope that rakugo will keep spreading outside of Japan.

I will do my small part here in New Zealand 😃

2 thoughts on “Introducing THE English Rakugo Association!!!

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