“Rakugo& Ramen” Done… Now Time for Rakugo at Onehunga Library!

Onehunga Library jpg

Thank you for coming to the first time ever “Rakugo & Ramen” at Ramen DO the other day!

It was an exciting opportunity for me to perform at my favourite Japanese restaurant in Auckland.  Admittedly though, it was also the most challenging environment to do Rakugo, as half the people came to watch my performance and the other half just wanted to be left alone to enjoy the beautiful ramen noodles (fair enough) 🙂

I will probably need to change my strategy next time… perhaps a bunch of “Kobanashi” (one-liners) and just one Rakugo story instead of two?  I have learned heaps, and I can feel myself grow as a performer each time I get on stage.

So… as in the title, another show is coming up at Onehunga Library next week.  I am very much looking forward to it as it is my old workplace and I live in the community.

Without exaggeration, I believe that a public library is the closest place to heaven on earth.  How many other public facilities are truly open to literally all people?

Another show is getting organised at Titirangi Library in July.  I will update here once the details are confirmed.

Hope to see you there!

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