Rakugo& Ramen!!! New Regular Shows Are Happening Soon!!!

Ramen and Rakugo Poster jpg

What can I say?

I am really excited!

New regular shows will be happening very soon!

I had been in search of a semi-permanent venue where I can perform Rakugo regularly, say, at least once a month to promote Rakugo to the New Zealand audience and also to improve my skills as a performer.

One of the hardest things in this attempt was that I had to start from explaining what Rakugo is before even asking for performance opportunities.

After a few futile attempts, I got hungry.

Very, very hungry.

I had this mysterious craving for Ramen noodles, my all time favourite food.

Then, a brilliant idea flashed into my mind.

How about doing Rakugo at a Ramen restaurant?

Both words happen to start with “Ra”.

“Ra” happens to be the name of an Egyptian god…

No, I wasn’t thinking that, but it actually felt quite promising.

So I decided to approach ら~めん道(Ramen DO) my favourite Ramen restaurant that is run by my favourite person.

After an hour of catching up and discussing the show, “Rakugo & Ramen” was born!

The first one will be held at 7:00PM, Mon 28 May 2018!

The date for the second one hasn’t been set yet, but it will be sometime in June.  The timing will be posted here or on my Twitter.

Come enjoy Rakugo and Ramen… at the same time!

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