Thank You, Onehunga Library!

Yesterday I had one of the most special Rakugo performances at Onehunga Library.

It is the local library that I visit 5-6 times a week (yes, I am a book worm!), and well I even worked for them for 6 1/2 years.

The Onehunga community has always had a very special place in my heart, and it was my great privilege that I could share the art form I love in the neighbourhood I literally love.

The event was attended by 30-ish people, who were all warm and welcoming.

They initially didn’t know what to expect as it was their first encounter with Rakugo, but once they were warmed up they had some genuine laughter that made me feel that we were truly one somehow.

Not limited to Rakugo, stories bring people together.

They unite us regardless of differences.

We connect through the common threads as humans that run through us all.

It was truly a beautiful experience, and I would like to thank every person who shared the special occasion with me.

I will be performing at other libraries as well, and it is my not-so-secret goal to perform at all 55 branches of the Auckland Libraries!

One thought on “Thank You, Onehunga Library!

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