First School Visit in New Zealand!


Today marks a new beginning in my Rakugo journey!

I finally got to perform Rakugo at a local high school.

I had the privilege of sharing Rakugo with Year 11 and Year 13 Japanese language classes.

Even though the Rakugo story itself was in English, I used as much Japanese as possible to help their language learning.

The students were so welcoming, and I was especially impressed by their near-perfect pronunciation in Japanese.

They are really fortunate to have such an amazing teacher!

One of the highlights was when I was asked to improvise a short “Doraemon Rakugo”!

Doraemon is one of the most popular cartoons in Japan, and it has been on air since 1973, a few years longer than my entire life!

We realised that all the students in the class had known the cartoon, and the teacher dared me to perform it 😉

As an improviser, I couldn’t resist!

I attempted and failed miserably (very much expected), but we definitely had fun… at my expense!

Looking forward to the next one!

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