Free English Rakugo Performance at Libraries, Schools, or Japanese Restaurants? I will be there!


Daylight Saving is ending this weekend… on April Fool’s Day.

As I consider numerous prank opportunities, I am reminded that my first solo performance is looming up on 12 April!!!

As such, I am currently looking for places to hone my skills leading up to the performance.  I was wondering if any of you awesome readers know of places that would give me opportunities to perform in the next few weeks.

I especially love performing at high schools and libraries, but Japanese restaurants might benefit from having me.

There is no guarantee, but I would probably be able to bring 10-20 extra customers to your restaurant, and I do not charge a cent at the moment.  How about a free Rakugo show on a quiet day at your venue?

I have indeed found a producer, and he will (hopefully!) start managing me from next year… So this free performance deal will not last very long!

Whew, I have to be a sales person to sell free stuff, and I have found it quite challenging so far.  I wouldn’t make a good real estate agent.

Let me know if you know someone who is interested!

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