Rakugo shows ARE happening very soon!

Rakugo Poster April 2018

I am really excited to announce that Rakugo shows are indeed happening in Auckland…


One show has been confirmed to be held at The Spreading Tree (37 Mount Eden Road) at 7:00 PM, Thursday 12 April.  I will perform two Rakugo stories and have a short Q&A session afterwards.

In the Q&A session, I will answer your questions about the stories and Japanese culture that you might encounter during the performance.  I would also love to hear your feedback to improve my storytelling skills.

The show will be roughly 40 minutes long so will not interfere with your night out!  Koha is appreciated to cover a portion of the cost for the venue.

Also, 4 more shows are likely to happen at local libraries, which are to be confirmed soon.

Thank you all the amazing people who have helped me heaps to make this happen!

(You know who you are… F.T.  B.J.  A.B.  I.A.  M.N.  You are appreciated!!!)

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