Rakugo, Guitar Legend, & Not Quite the Last Performance

spreading tree dec 2018 2JPG

This is it!

My final Rakugo performance of the year!

I arrived extra early at “The Spreading Tree” to get ready for one of the most independent, independent theatre performances in the world.

I am rarer than a liger or a takahe, or just slightly lunatic to believe that Rakugo can work in New Zealand. A lone English Rakugo performer in the Land of the Long White Cloud.

Sure enough, a few hundred fans were queuing up in front of the venue, anticipating my appearance.

“I’m a rockstar!”

My ego boosted. Finally, my time has come.

It had been a long journey.

Believe me, you can achieve anything if you dedicate your life to what you love. I wept with gratitude.

Casting a glance slightly to the right, I noticed a billboard and recognised a name on it.

“Joe Satriani”




Like the legendary guitarist who has worked with Mick Jagger and Deep Purple?

Is he playing right next door??? On the same day???


spreading tree dec 2018JPG

Of course, I’d known that they were not there to watch my Rakugo (I’m not that deranged, believe me or not), but I was so excited to perform right next to the concert!

It turned out a cozy, intimate Rakugo performance that I like the most. Real connection, warmth, and support- everything positive filled the air.

I was so thankful that they came to see my Rakugo though there were numerous other options like watching Joe instead, eating curry at Satya, or perhaps having a cup of coffee at Circus Circus.

You are legends! Thank you all for joining me to share our journey into the fantastic world of Rakugo!

It was also amazing that audience included people from so many different countries: New Zealand, Canada, Britain, Japan, and two more European countries (I couldn’t recognise their accents).

They gathered to listen to the tales of our ancestors. We became one as I acted as a conduit of these ancient stories.

I am all for keeping traditions. I am not doing Rakugo in English to disrespect the 400 year-old tradition. But it needs to be translated and modified if necessary if we are to share this amazing tradition with the world.

Rakugo is so much bigger than just being confined in Japan.

Oh yes, I’d thought this would be the final performance of the year, but I have just been invited to do another one.

It is unfortunately a private function, but oh I love this feeling of getting an unexpected gift!

Two performance requests already coming in for early next year.

My journey as a Rakugo toddler continues.

Waddle on!

Finally Back to Stage!!! Thank You Onehunga Library!!!


Right now I am filled with gratitude that I am finally back to stage!

It was a very long journey.

Can I get a little emotional for a second?

Oh, I love Rakugo and really can’t imagine my life without it!

Thank you so very much, all the amazing people, who came to my Rakugo performance at Onehunga Library this morning.  You were all so friendly and smiley, and really made my day!

There is no Rakugo without the audience, so thank you, thank you, and thank you!!!

I hope you enjoyed the performance as much as I did, but it was an extra special occasion for me.

Here’s a little confession.

I hope you didn’t notice, but I was actually a bit of a wreck from the spine injury that I had had about a month and a half ago.  It was the first time to get on stage since, and it was the longest break I’d ever had.

I hadn’t even been able to do seiza, the Japanese traditional sitting position, for over 20 minutes…

until yesterday…

But voilà!

You witnessed me sitting through nearly an hour today all because of your fantastic support!

What I have learned through this injury is that everything has a silver lining if you are willing to see it. 

Thanks to this injury:

I appreciate life more.

I thank people and everything around me more.

I have learned about my body (its limits and potentials) and perhaps about aging as well.

Here’s the amount of exercise I have done this year.


Can you see that the amount of exercise dramatically increased in October when I got injured?  It’s all because of the rehab.  This may sound a little strange, but I exercise more because of the injury.

Don’t question how come I’d been such a lazy blob between February and September (and how I was so motivated in January… it’s just like you!), but isn’t this exceptional?

Life is good.  Can you tell from my smile in the picture at the top?

That origami medal hanging from my ear was a gift from a little Japanese/ French/ Kiwi girl.  She came up to the stage and gave it to me.  How special is that!?!

Unfortunately, the string was a bit too short for my massive head, so I instead hang it on my ear, saying “Thank you for the beautiful earring!”

The girl gave me a big smile 🙂

My journey continues.

Slipped Disc, Middle Age, and Upcoming Shows!

Ohisashiburidesu!  Long time no see!

As some of you are aware, I injured my back a few weeks ago while mowing the lawn… therefore joining the league of extraordinary middle aged men.  I am very much proud of my accomplishment.

It was not just a sprained back but a full-blown slipped disc, and I was incapacitated for a while and even ended up cancelling a performance 😦

But my rehab is going really well, thanks to my amazing physiotherapist, and I can even sit in seiza position now!

So I’m finally back to performing Rakugo!

The bright yellow poster at the top is for my last performance of the year.

The show will held 7:30 PM, Tuesday 4 December 2018 at “The Spreading Tree” in Eden Terrace, Auckland.

As a lead-up to this, I am doing another show at Onehunga Library on Wednesday 28 November.  It starts at 10:00 AM.

I will do the same stories for both of these shows, so it would be cool if you could join one of these two.

Hope to see you there!





Some Exciting News and My Schedule!


お久しぶりです!Long time no see!

It’s about time for an update, and I hope you are ready for more of my Rakugo.

Guess what?

For the last few months, I have been working on a book about Rakugo in English, and about 1/3 of the book has been written so far.

I will probably publish it either as an e-book or a self-published book unless of course a really reckless, risk-taking publisher approaches me 🙂

It could be you.

I am planning to finish the final draft by the end of the year and look into publication early next year.

Keep an eye out for an update here!

In terms of Rakugo performance, the biggest development is that I have just established an agreement to perform Rakugo regularly at “Tsudoi”, a bimonthly Japanese/ English conversation group run by the New Zealand Japan Society of Auckland.

I will probably start performing in November and then decide how frequently I should do Rakugo there.  I was told that I can perform as often as I want to… how awesome is that?

It will be casual sessions, and I am likely to try out new stories and some experimental Rakugo… possibly even Sandai Banashi (三題噺), an improvised Rakugo?

There are some other shows that are getting confirmed:

    1. Update 14.10.18: Due to an injury, this show now has been cancelled 😦 Selwyn Village (43 Target St, Point Chevalier): Thursday 18 October 10:30 AM * This show is mainly for the residents but open to the public.  Make sure to park outside the gate to avoid towing!!!
    2. Onehunga Library (85 Church Street, Onehunga): Date to be confirmed but it will be mid-late November
    3. Retirement home in Royal Oak: I am not too sure if this one is open to public, but if so, I will let you know here or on my Twitter.  It should be sometime in October or November.  My second visit there.
    4. The Spreading Tree (37 Mount Eden Road, Grafton): This is my main show and the last one this year funded by the Creative Communities Scheme.  It will be either late November or early December.

Hope to see you there!


My Magazine Interview… Sorry It’s in Japanese!

Gekkan Article

I have just received an interview for a New Zealand based Japanese magazine called “Gekkan NZ”.  If you live in New Zealand, you can get a copy from a Japanese restaurant or a Japanese grocer like Japan Mart.

Sorry it’s all in Japanese and Google Translate doesn’t work as it’s jpg… well, it doesn’t work anyway 😉