Rakugo From the Middle East!

Recently, I have been introduced to the tales by Nasreddin, a Seljuk satirist from the 13th century. It was my writer friend’s recommendation, and I got hold of this quirky wise man’s books mainly out of curiosity.

The very first story I read was about Nasreddin’s most unexpected response to a robber who had just stolen his belongings. I couldn’t believe my eyes as he acted as if he’d been straight out of the rakugo world!!!

This story can be easily developed into a rakugo script. I read on and found so many others that tickled my funny bone!!!

Yes, it was my complete ignorance, but I hadn’t expected something this comical would come out of this part of the world. (They would say the same about my country Japan… haha!!!)

It was really eye-opening.

This led me to explore other tales from the Middle East, and I bumped into the Tales of Juha. This one is a bit harder to develop into a rakugo story, but I can see some universal humour that can work anywhere in the world.

Come to think of it, some of the classical rakugo tales are of foreign origin.

“The God of Death” (死神), which was made famous by the manga masterpiece “Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju”, was based on a story by the Bothers Grimm of Germany. “The Zoo” (動物園) written over 100 years ago was originally from a British humourous story.

Good stories are universal and find their place wherever they are introduced to.

The power of stories!

English Rakugo Club IS Happening!!!【英語落語研究会始動!】


I’m very excited to announce that English Rakugo Club IS happening!!!

The three exclamation marks might make this sound more exciting than it actually is, but I have just booked a performing arts space for the first Rakugo Club meeting!!!

The first meeting will be in the workshop style, covering the basic of Rakugo, so you don’t want to miss the first one if you want to get involved!!!

Please let me know EARLY if you are participating. As the venue cost is covered by yours truly, I would like to cancel if there is not enough interest.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity!!!

VENUE: Kete Aronui (80 Onehunga Mall, Onehunga)

TIME: 10:30AM-2:30PM, Sunday 6 October 2019

COST: $10 koha to cover the venue hire and other expenses

Please let me know if you can’t afford the cost. Also, it is free for minors. Once community is established, I will apply for funding so you won’t have to pay.

I will eventually apply for funding so that you won’t have to pay a koha to join the meeting, but we gotta start somewhere!

If you happen to know a free venue I could use, please let me know as well.






会場 Kete Aronui (80 Onehunga Mall, Onehunga)

日時 10月6日(日) 10:30AM-2:30PM

費用: 会場費や運営費用を自己負担しておりますので$10 程の寄付を頂けると助かります。