Eishi’s Secret Film Project Revealed!

How are you all doing? Eishi here AGAIN!

Thanks to my voice issues, I’ve been finding my creative outlet in writing this week. Hope you are not sick of reading my version of War and Peace.

The title today is a…

click bait…

but I am telling you more about the film project that I mentioned in another post.

It is an Asia New Zealand Foundation funded film project, and it will be directed by the dangerously talented film director/ academic extraordinaire, Fiona Amundsen.

This will probably become one of the most important works in my life as a rakugo performer and a human being.

It is all Fiona’s concept, and I just happen to be someone with the knowledge and skills that she needs to complete her project.

As a film director, an aikido practitioner, and a good human being who understands the utter stupidity of war, she came up with a concept to combine the remembrance/ reminder of the mistakes humans committed in WWII, the aikido concept of Zanshin, and the Japanese traditional storytelling of rakugo.

We connected closely especially because of our stance on war, and we have decided to create something that would hopefully show better options for fellow humans.

As some of you may know, I lost my great grandfather and other family members in Nagasaki, and my grandpa and great uncle were both hibakusha.

So I have a very strong reason to get involved in a project like this.

We have just started working together yesterday, so I thought this is a good time to let you know.

For those who want to know more about this project, please read Fiona’s interview. It was written for Tokyo Biennale, but we are trying to create the New Zealand version of this film/ installation.

4 thoughts on “Eishi’s Secret Film Project Revealed!

  1. This is wonderful news, Eishi. What an amazing and noble project. I did not know about your grandfather and family lost in the atomic bombing at Nagasaki. I am so sorry. I met some Hibakushas when I was living in Japan and still Skype with one in Fukuyama. I also performed in English Eiko Matsui’s Kanishibai “Never Again” in Tokyo about the bombing of Hiroshima a few years ago. Dec 7 is World Kamishibai for peace day. I lost family too in the war. Remembering the tragedy of war and working together globally with projects like yours is how we can all come together and live in peace. I just know peace is gonna happen and all our voices together will make sure it does! Thank you for this! I love your stories and share when I can! Best of luck to you and all in the project.

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    1. Thank you for your comment, Sydney!!! I feel very privileged and humbled to be a part of this project. That’s amazing you are still keeping in touch with a hibakusha in Fukuyama. I am so sorry for what your family went through because of what my country did. All wars are tragedies. They are like two parallel lines that would never cross. But if we move a tiny bit closer and exchange a few smiles or have a good cup of tea together, we realise that we are not that different. Just two generations ago, New Zealand and Japan were enemies. But now I have a half Kiwi half Japanese children. This project will be directed by a Kiwi, and I am taking part. We are surely getting closer to peace, step by step, every single day. That’s what I believe at least 🙂 Please let me know if you are doing anything for World Kamishibai for Peace Day. I’d love to watch your performance!!!


    1. Thank you!!! I feel very privileged to be a part of this project!!! The director is absolutely an amazing person. She has a very beautiful heart. As a part of this project, I will have imaginary dialogues with my grandpa in the rakugo format. I’ll give my very best as if it was my last work!


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