Eishi’s Rakugo Commentary No.1 [Chotan 長短]

[The video is at the bottom.]

Hi there, how are you doing? Hope everything is well with you 🙂

As a part of my Online Rakugo Project, I have just decided to write commentaries about my stories so that you can understand and enjoy them better.

I am also secretly hoping that it would increase viewership magically.

I will be talking about the origins of the stories, techniques, and other trivia.

The first up is “Chotan” (長短) or “Long-Tempered vs. Short-Tempered”.

It is said that this story is based on “Wakan Rikutsu Monogatari” (和漢理屈物語), which was published in 1667.

This title, by the way, roughly translates as “Logical Tales from Japan and China”, but I have no idea what is so logical about it…

As the title suggests, the concept of “Chotan” originated in China, and the same story is found in “Xiao Fu” (笑府: Pronounced “Shouhu” in Japanese) written by Feng Menglong (1574–1646).

So this is actually a Chinese story if we go all the way back.

The premise of this rakugo is what would happen if someone with the shortest-temper becomes the best friend with someone who is extremely laid-back.

I was told by my master that this story is performed with face.

So… pay attention to my facial expressions to enjoy this story!

Feel free to ask me questions in the comment section below.


落語手帖 矢野誠一

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