Super Quick Intro to Rakugo Stories!

By far, this is one of the silliest things I’ve ever done online.

I am very much used to act like an… feel free to fill the gap… on stage, but I’ve always had a strong aversion to record my performance as it somehow feels permanent.

But the time is ripe for exposing my insanity a little bit to the digital world for the sake of getting people interested in rakugo. I will be an… whatever you like… if I can be a cupid between rakugo and the world 🙂

I am starting a video series called “Super Quick Intro to Rakugo Stories”. Through this series I will talk about rakugo stories and their history just enough to encourage people to listen to actual stories.

So, here you go. The first one is on “Jugemu”. His full name is at the bottom of this page 🙂

I was a bit inconsistent with the way I said his name, but the second one is the most standard way.

Here’s how to say his name (in hiragana and Roman characters):

ひらがな Hiragana

じゅげむ じゅげむ
すいぎょうまつ うんらいまつ ふうらいまつ
ぱいぽ ぱいぽ ぱいぽのしゅーりんがん
ぐーりんだいの ぽんぽこぴーの ぽんぽこなーの

ローマ字 Roman characters

Jugemu jugemu
Gokouno surikire
Kaijari suigyono
Suigyoumatsu unraimatsu furaimatsu
Kuneru tokoroni sumutokoro
Yaburakoujino burakouji
Paipo paipo paipono shuringan
Shuringan no gurindai
Gurindai no ponpokopi no ponpokona no
Chokyumei no chosuke

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