My Rakugo Journey 2018

As I am going camping to an area without internet/4G connection straight after Christmas, I have decided to post this article a little bit early.

For people outside of New Zealand, yep, it is actually possible to go nearly completely unplugged in some parts of the country.

The video at the very bottom summarises what Year 2018 was like to me, so I will just list the highlights and discoveries/ learning in bullet points.


  • After a very long hibernation period, I am fully back to Rakugo.  My skills are coming back!  Though this was my third year back, it was the first year to REALLY commit to it as my LIFEWORK!!!
  • Collaboration with Auckland Tsugaru Shamisen 音緒 -Neo- developed into an AMAZING friendship/ partnership (you can watch a little bit of our first collaboration project in the video below— I just realised I didn’t mention them in the shout-outs!!! Typically my kind of thing to do… My very sincere apology!!!)
  • My major-ish back injury!  It’s a highlight, all right?  You can read why here.
  • I had an exciting (& slightly awkward) encounter with one of my Rakugo rockstars, Tatekawa Koshira Shisho!
  • I have finally understood the why of what I do!  (Sorry about being a bit vague…)


  • Rakugo DEFINITELY IS my lifework!!!
  • My dream is to eventually create “New Zealand English Rakugo” that is uniquely Kiwi, inspired by my Japanese heart.  Something no one else can copy!!!
  • Humans are fundamentally good regardless of our flaws, mistakes, and weaknesses.
  • Every cloud has a silver lining!!!

That’s enough, isn’t it?  If you have read this far, you are qualified to join my fan club, which doesn’t exist just yet.  But you are qualified.  Aren’t you lucky?

Thank you so much for your AMAZING support this year!!!  You are all sincerely appreciated from the bottom of my heart!!!

Happy holidays, everybody!!!

Special thank you to Auckland Council, Creative New Zealand, The Spreading Tree, Auckland Libraries, Auckland Playback Theatre, Auckland Tsugaru Shamisen Neo, Canary English Rakugo School, New Zealand Japan Society, Julia & Tessa Clement, Kristine Ohkubo, Shinya-san, Togashi-san and all my friends and family members who are always there for me 🙂

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