First solo show done! Correction to my answer from Q&A Session

panda-2987596_1920(This picture is completely unrelated to the article… )

Thank you so very much for coming to my first solo show this evening!

You are a legend for coming to support the event right after one of the worst storms ever in Auckland! I love you my dear audience! (Too much?)

Tonight’s stories were “Jugemu”(寿限無)and “A Summer Burglar”(夏どろ). I personally like performing “A Summer Burglar” better, but “Jugemu” got a much better response.

In the Q& A session, someone asked me how old these stories were.  I gave an answer that I’d thought was right, but I was COMPLETELY wrong.

According to my quick research, the prototype of “Jugemu” is found in a book called “Karukuchigozenotoko” (軽口御前男) published in 1703!

“A Summer Burglar” first appears in “Kinokusuri” (気の薬) published in 1778.

So, we can say “Jugemu” is 315 years old, and “A Summer Burglar” is 240 years old.


“Rakugo Techo” by Seiichi Yano


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