Recommended Books

Here are the books that I absolutely recommend if you are interested in rakugo, Japanese culture, or memory techniques.

The last genre might sound a bit strange, but I have become a bit of a memory expert through learning a vast number of rakugo stories 😁 I learned most of my memory techniques from the two memory-related books below (Limitless and Memory Craft).

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I like honesty, so I am letting you know that I may receive a small amount of commission each time someone purchases an item through one of the links on this website at no additional cost to you.

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The best rakugo manga ever!
Best modern adaptations of rakugo and kabuki stories!
Best introduction to Japanese ghosts!
The manga adaptation of Kunio Yanagita’s “The Legends of Tono” by a manga legend, Shigeru Mizuki!
This book literally changed my life!
The most informative book on memory techniques!
My favourite anthology of Murakami’s short stories!
An anthology of short stories by the Kiwi literary giant, Witi Ihimaera. Some of these stories really remind me of rakugo.