The FIRST International ONLINE Rakugo Club Meeting Report!!!

Our very first international online rakugo club was held on Saturday 30 April 2022!

We had participants from three countries including America, Japan, and New Zealand. As some of the Kiwi members could not participate, it was a small group, but I thoroughly enjoyed the fun and cozy session.

There are three highlights in this session for me.

  1. I finally met my American rakugo brother, Kanariya Chusei (鹿鳴家中西)! He performed a story called ‘Gonbei and the Raccoon Dog’, and I performed ‘Chiritotechin’.
  2. We had two English language teachers from Kagoshima, Japan, and they were so friendly and funny! I hope they will come back again!
  3. We tried Ogiri (大喜利) or a traditional Japanese game show during the session. Once we have enough games and performers, I am thinking of hosting an online Ogiri! It will probably be the first time in human history where Ogiri is performed in English!

As we resume our face-to-face sessions of Aoteya Rakugo Club in Auckland, we have decided to also keep running the International Online Rakugo Club. I’m already plotting an online performance once we are ready!

Now that this is a borderless thing, you are welcome to join us wherever you are on this planet.

Next time we are planning to learn about makura. Makura literally means a pillow, but join us to find out what it actually is in the context of rakugo.

The meeting is held roughly monthly whenever yours truly is available to host it. If you would like to join the club, please message me here or via Twitter or Facebook (click on the icons below).