My Brand-New Original Rakugo on YouTube!

Hi all, Eishi here!

I have just uploaded my brand new rakugo story called “The Fortune Teller” on my YouTube channel!

As you may have noticed, the video is not listed on the channel, but bear with me. I’ll tell you how to watch it soon 🙂

But first, please listen to my story.

After the lockdown, I temporarily lost ALL my performance jobs just like most of my actor/ performer/ producer friends. (No worries I’m not gonna ask for donations or something!)

Through this sudden development, I realised the importance of improving my online presence so that I could potentially perform rakugo on internet.

In order to do that, I need more followers on my YouTube and other SNS to have enough people who would watch my rakugo online.

I’m basically building an audience base or even better a fan base at the moment!!!


I have decided to take this opportunity to increase my YouTube and other SNS followers.

(FYI: I need only 10 more followers on my YouTube channel to get a custom url, which is going to be “rakugonz”.)

As such, to access my video, please do the following:

  1. Follow my YouTube channel (Also, Twitter, Facebook, and/ or Instagram if you wanna show me extra love; you can subscribe to this blog, too!) If you already do, go to 2.
  2. Please comment on one of the videos on my channel (I learned that more comments mean increased discoverability online… of course, you can “like” as well!!!).
  3. DM me using one of my SNS, then I will send you the link to the video.

Sorry about this complicated process, but I only want to share this video with people who don’t mind doing this for me 🙂 The story is still in an early stage of development and quite rough, so I thought I wanted my “genuine supporters” (not internet trolls) to get involved in improving the story!!!

Please comment and give me feedback about “The Fortune Teller” so I can improve the story!!!

This is just the beginning of the future of rakugo!!! Thank you very much for your continued support in this journey!!!

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