“A Fortune Teller” is Born!!!

I have just finished writing a new rakugo story called “A Fortune Teller”.

It involves “karoshi” (death from overwork or work-related exhaustion), two fortune tellers, and a superhero.

Rakugo is both a traditional art and a popular art at the same time, which gives it a very unique status among the Japanese traditional arts.

It is something to protect as a cultural heritage and also something to evolve so it stays relevant now and in the future.

I’ve always wanted to write something that reflects the early 21st century, and this is it!

It is really absurd (it’s my work after all) and lacks depth at this stage, but I hope it will eventually evolve into something that other English Rakugo performers would want to perform.

As an experiment, I will perform it at my next public performance in December.

As usual, I’ll appreciate your feedback!

(I’m writing this as I wait for my turn at a barbershop. Hope my new haircut will be OK!)

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