Rakugo & Tsugaru Shamisen Collaboration!!!

Rakugo and Shamisen August jpg

For those who cannot make it to the English Rakugo performance at Titirangi Library this Thursday, here’s good news!

I will be collaborating with some of the AMAZING Tsugaru Shamisen performers from “Auckland Tsugaru Shamisen 音緒 -Neo-” on Thursday 9 August!

Tsugaru Shamisen is quite different from Edo Shamisen (Tokyo style Shamisen), and it is very upbeat and almost reminds me of a Japanese Rock& Roll!

I was told that there will be a Japanese drummer and a singer as well, so I am very much looking forward to it!

(Can you tell from the fact that I ended all last 4 sentences above with exclamation marks?)

As it is a collaboration project, I have decided to do arguably the most physically demanding, almost slapstick like Kamigata/ Osaka Rakugo piece to match their energy.

As I am trained in Edo Rakugo (Tokyo style Rakugo), it will be so much fun to try something entirely new.

See you there!

RSVP now! Rakugo X Origami Collaboration at Titirangi Library!


I am super excited to announce that I am performing Rakugo at Titirangi Library!

The library has a very special place in my heart as it was the very first library I signed up with when I first moved to New Zealand about 16 years ago.

This show will be extra special as it is the very first collaboration with a Japanese origami artist from Origami Workshop.NZ.

There is an Origami display near the front desk of the library that you can enjoy on the performance day.

All the pieces are inspired by the two Rakugo stories I will be performing: “Jugemu”(寿限無) and “A Smart Boy”(真田小僧)!

It’s a few weeks away, but I am already excited!

Make sure to RSVP here as the space is very limited.