What People Say About Hiroshi’s Rakugo?


“Hiroshi is a wonderful and talented storyteller full of charm and charisma! We very much enjoyed his Rakugo performance; The evening was filled with both funny and dramatic moments enthused with the spirit of Japanese culture! Highly recommended!”

E. Backler

“I recently had the opportunity to see Hiroshi perform Rakugo in English. He explained the artform and its conventions for those of us unfamiliar with it and performed two well known stories “Jugemu” and “A Summer Burglar”.

He was obviously well versed in the performance style and his translation made the stories both accessible and enjoyable.

Highly recommended.”

Julia Clement, Comedian

“I enjoyed so much the Rakugo show that Hiroshi performed, I had never experienced this before. I lived how we were drawn in to the story and into the relative stillness of the performer. I loved how he explained the moving of the head denoting status and characterisation – it was great to learn about it and then witness it, you felt “in the know”.

I liked the kiwi elements, it also made me feel included in this ancient practice, it helped me to relate.

I would love to hear other Rakugo in the future.”

Julie Watson


Tさん オークランド在住



M.A.さん オークランド在住